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Great, simple tool for photo editing. Easy to use and fun for younger kids.

I like this app for its ease of use for younger students. It is much more user friendly than the photo editor on my iPhone! The only thing that might be difficult for younger students or ELL students to catch onto is the "swipe" function to restore the photo to its original state.
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Very easy to use!

I liked how easy it was to understand what aspect of photo editing was being used at a given moment. Most of the directions where also in picture form, but sometimes the pictures weren't very clear on what was being done. I like how if you made a mistake it was easy to back out of whatever editing has been done and returning you to your original image. If this app wanted to appeal to a younger audience I think all they would need to do is make the picture directions more clear. Besides that I believe this tool is very easy to use and very kid friendly.
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Great App for Basic Photo Editing but Still Missing A Lot

The app offers basic photo editing skills and is very easy to use. However, the app does ages not offer the option to write text on the images and to save your progress. Also, if the student makes a mistake they have to start over since there is no undo button.
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Easy to use photo editor appropriate for children

The app is easy to use, everything is very organized and easy to see. There are many features to use, students can crop, adjust brightness and add effects such as filters. They can adjust the orientation of the photo, add text and draw on the picture. Students could also use it to blur parts of the image that may not be appropriate for school or relevant to their presentation. You can also add stickers and frames to your photo, there are some that are free but also some you can purchase.
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Good app, easy to use, student friendly and great results.

I am a computer and technology teacher and I like this app to introduce basic photo editing skills to young students. I think it is simple, easy to use and allows students to grasp and practice basic photo editing concepts. I wish there was a more direct way to save photos as students are working on it and an undo feature after effects have been applied. I do like that there is an upload feature to various apps, including Google Drive, so that students can save their images in cloud storage and not on the shared iPads.
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