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A fun way to get kids thinking about Engineering and Physics!

Overall a great physics puzzle game to get students interested and thinking about engineering. I found it a great activity to reference before we talked about coding as well...that step-by-step mindset is a different way of thinking for lots of students. My higher level students went on to the "create" button to design their own puzzles. One BIG drawback that a teacher needs to plan for...the app does not save the levels that are completed! If you have a student who is super-engaged and they make it to level 10 but the bell rings, they will lose all work completed. Set aside time for those students to spend a good chunk of class time to "beat" the game.
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That hands on, digital style of learning "hooks" your students.

This type of exercise can actually be as valuable as even the best of lectures. That hands on, figure it out yourself style of learning has the ability to "hook" your students, or reinforce complicated topics.
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