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Has potential but a security risk and has technical issues because of Java

First of all, although it was easy to set up an account, if Java is not installed on your computer initial set up can actually take a long time to get it installed and all the settings correct to record. Usually, I work on mac, and Java is not installed on it. This is recommended due to Java being a security risk. This website is not the risk, but this website needs Java to work, and Java is the security risk. If Java was not required, I would recommend this website. I think it does have a lot of potential, especially for English language learners. Teachers can set up a private discussions to collect homework, student collaboration areas for class projects, peer-assessment areas for class work, have debates and more. However, because of the security risk of Java, I'd go with an alternative.
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Voxopop Voices Various Vocals Verbatum

Overview Voxopop is a free audio collaboration service out of Australia dedicated to bringing people together in a civil space, an audio forum, so to speak and record conversations. Teachers or study leaders can easily sign up and create a “TalkGroup.” The creator has control over open, restricted, or private settings for the conversation and rules of conduct, as well as other features that help categorize and focus the discussion. Concerns None Sample Uses I see language arts teachers creating assignments around this service, or student study-leaders can use the service to record study sessions for later playback. Really, there are many possibilities here, especially for blended or wholly online classes. Do I plan to use it? Yes! I will suggest this service for my AP European History kids so that they can study together and archive their learnings. Commitment and Learning Curve Low, like simple-to-use low. Best for ES MS or HS? MS/HS Cost: Free! Website Link:
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A simple way to collect oral work from your students.

Google has apps that probably deal with voice recording in a far easier manner. This program, however, allowed my students to record their oral essays on any platform, whether they had a Google account or not. It's easy to use once you get the tech issues out of the way, and it does offer protections for students (you can designate your discussion thread to be 'by invitation only' and limit access). I don't know that I'd use it for much more that as a repository for a particular assignment. Many of the reviews have mentioned tech problems and infrequent updating. If you want to have a mechanism for getting students to record an oral text and submit it to you in a platform-free process, this would work well. Beyond that, I see little classroom application, though it might be interesting for peer editing of essays.
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Audio Discussion and Collaboration Board

I like the idea of Voxopop especially the fact that it's an alternative to written discussion boards. This provides choice and a way to differentiate for your students based on their need. What I don't like is the fact that it doesn't look like it's kept up with the times (the blog hasn't been updated since February 2011) which makes we wonder about future support. When I first accessed the site, one of the newest talkgroups listed on the home page was titled with some foul language. The website interface is very distracting, wordy, and ad-supported. I believe students would be very likely to click on an ad thinking they were trying to create or record and then be led astray. With all that being said, I would recommend this website for upper middle and high school students, but with reservations on the questionable content that you might stumble upon along with the fact that students need an email address to participate.
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The ability for students and teachers to record their oral assignments, then get feed back from all members of the class is very useful. However, I find that many of my student encounter Java - related and other problems in loading the recorder.

The structure and interface are fine. The abiilty to limit access to only members of a certain academic course ensures privacy, which I appreciatee. The only issue that has me looking for alternatives is the techincal problems that keep the recording from loading properly on certain computers my students use. Seems that there are Java-related and other kinds of obstacles that keep this from being seemless and trouble free.
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