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Fantastic way to assemble resources for students to use.

The content is dependent on what you put in, put in poor content and that's what you see. It's a platform only to gather content for your students and others to use. It also made my work much easier when my district changed learning management systems because I had one link to transfer instead of 5-15 for each day. It also allows you to upload your own work but be careful of copyright issues. I emailed with some questions when I first started and heard back immediately with a very helpful response.
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Mentormob is a great tool to gather, organize, and personalize materials for students.

MentormobEDU allows teachers to gather, organize, personalize, and individualize learning experiences for students. Teachers (and students) can create playlists by capturing content off the web or uploading directly from their computers. Then, they can organize the content based on the goal: (a) content (b) skill (c) individualized or (d) personalized instruction. For a small fee, teachers can create playlists and share them with specific students based on the criteria previously mentioned. THey can also add assessment steps in the form of check ins, check outs, quizzes, and pre/post assignments. Furthermore, the paid service provides analytics for teachers and students by enabling both to see progress made by each student in each playlist. It's a great tool for flipped or direct instruction as it can be accessed both at home and school (the android/Iphone capabilities are limited only in the sense that the analytics don't always pick up the usage (that is, a student can watch a step but Mentormob will not capture that the student is watching). It's a great tool for personalized and individualized student driven learning as I can create individualized playlists, or have students jump around a playlist based on their learning styles, multiple intelligences, and interests. It has enabled me to move from the "sage" in the classroom to the facilitator!
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