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Love this site. Totally...

Get better workers, how do you manage to have workers that write like they are dyslexic and stutter in their writing. I could use learnzillion to put people to sleep and give them depression at the same time. I thought this would be a good platform but teaching this made me rethink my life choices. I always had hoped that there were some good people out there but after seeing the lessons provided on this site I have no hope for humanity anymore. Engilsh majors have read your tests and proved your questions to be completely untrue and idiotic. If i were in charge of this company I would shut it down for child abuse. The only hope left in the world is for learnzillion to be shut down, you are producing a generation of idiots that cannot form a sentence without stuttering. My child has literally no comprehensive ELA skill but at least he knows what color shirt Romeo was wearing on page 246 of Act 3, Scene 3. Actually, he doesn't even know that because Learnzillion can't even get basic facts about the books that they are literally paid to create things about. It's pretty sad that these people literally don't even read the books that they are paid to create tests that could decide the entire future of a student's life. If they do read the books, I'm 100% convinced that the creators of the tests have an age in single digit numbers. Your tests challenge students more when they are trying to understand what you just wrote instead of answering the questions. You have 32.5 million dollars to spend and you produce lessons that cost me $60 million in therapy for my children. I hope you're happy because my children definitely aren't. Would not reccomend.
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Great visuals!

The videos are not too long so that students are able to attend to the lessons.
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A Zillion Ways to Teach and Assess in Math and ELA!

There are some videos that are not as engaging to the students, but as stated before, they do not need to be used. It is important for teachers to VIEW the content prior to showing it to students. You know what will work or not work for your students. This resource is especially great for students that benefit from visual and step-by-step instructions. I would not recommend using this as your primary instruction for gifted students/advanced learners. Overall, I feel that this is a great resource for both students and classroom teachers. Teachers often need to find multiple approaches to teach one math standard, and this resource offers those ways to help target all learners. From detailed lessons to supplemental resources, Learnzillion has it all! Although it is a great resource, teachers should be aware that the videos should not be their only strategy to teach the lesson. When utilized too much, students are subject to lose some engagement as the lessons can be repetitive. I recommend only using the videos for those students that are having difficulty with the concept/skill after the lesson has been taught. You don’t want half of your class that “gets it” to sit through the direct instruction. As stated before, this resource benefits students because it gives them the step-by-step, visual instruction they might need to make meaning of the skill. They also have the option to view these videos at home if they are confused or missed class.
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Great lessons and resources created by teachers!

Excellent resource to supplement lessons and explore how other educators tackle similar content.
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Thorough, but repetitive. Students can lose interest in the reading passages

I think that the passages are interesting, but there could be more variety. There are only about 6 weeks worth of material for each grade (for close reading). Additionally, they use the same short passage for a week's worth of lessons. While this might be effective, it does leave some students losing interest. It leaves me having to weigh the loss of interest vs. the meaningful lessons. Sometimes I can do the whole week lessons, sometimes we only do 2-3 lessons with one passage. Overall this is well researched and helpful material.
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Multimedia Common core aligned lessons with formative and summative asssessments

I would recommend it as a teaching tool, but be wary of using it too much as students may lose interest.
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Lessons made by teachers, for teachers.

If you need a resource to find a strong lesson developed by a real teacher, LZ is a wonderful source of Common Core aligned lessons. You can steal their worksheets, presentations, and videos to either apply directly as is in your classroom, or modify as you see best for your purposes. Full disclosure: I've made lessons for LearnZillion, so I'm biased!
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The perfect supplement for those students who need additional support!

This website is a great supplement to what we work on in my classroom. It provides standards based videos, so it's easy to navigate in that sense, and the videos are short and to the point. My weaker students loved it!
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LearnZillion teaches counterclaims thoroughly.

This is.a great resource for high school English and writing classes.
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Great Mini Lesson Plans Aligned with CCSS

I love this product as a teaching tool! It is great because it aligns with the CCSS for ELA and Math. Also, the resources it offers are beneficial to any classroom. Not only does it offer lesson plans and video, but it also provides videos for interventions.
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