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Awesome tool to help special education teachers provide different and more support for their students.

This is a great resource because there is so much to it, from goals to accommodations. I like how I can find individual items related to a specific need that I am trying to address in my classroom. This will serve my students better because instead of looking through a ton of different sources, I can first go to this site and either get an answer quickly or start me on the path to find my answer quickly. Only thing I wish is that it was cheaper for me because I will have to pay for this personally.
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There is a host of strategies and resources on this website that assist teachers as they support all students. The only "con" I see, could be the price. A single teacher membership is currently $595 a year. District pricing is also available. Even though it is pricey, the value for teachers, especially new teachers, is incredible. The ability to customize professional development to any district, adds to the value.
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Lacks student ownership of the goal.

Goalbook is a great tool to use if you would like an easy way to set up IEP goals for special education or goals within your classroom for your students. I like how you can share a link with parents so they can see how their child is doing and what they are working on. One disappointment with the site is lack of student interaction. I really try to push student ownership of their goals and I feel that it would be more meaningful to the student if they had an interface that they could use to track and monitor their own progress. This site would dynamic if it had a student interface! Overall if you are looking for a place that you can track student progress on a goal and get specific strategies to improve student learning this is a site for you. However, if you are looking to have it be a student driven goal setting site you will be disappointed. Also, it cost $32.95 a month to have a membership, which is a pretty big chunk of change for something that isn't student driven.
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The ultimate planning tool for special education teachers!

When it comes to standards-based goal setting for students with special needs, Goalbook is second to none. It is easy to navigate, intuitive, and makes the entire process of planning and managing an individualized education program easier. The only potential downside I could see to using Goalbook as your go-to IEP tool is if your school already has an IEP process within your student information management system. If you are already writing and tracking your data elsewhere, using Goalbook might feel like doing the same thing twice. Otherwise, integrating this tool into your teaching will help you tremendously.
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Expensive but good resource for teachers to use with a diverse student population. offers a free 20 day membership to educators. You invite 10 other educators for an additional free 10 days. A solo membership for a teacher would be either $32.95 per month or $595.00 for an annual membership. This website provides resources for teachers and especially teachers that will be writing or working with students with IEPs. The site allows the teacher to choose the grade level, subject and common core strand, Then it allows the teacher to choose the level of support that the student may need including mild level of support, moderate and intense level of support. The site could serve students by providing alternative support to effectively manage a diverse student population and to effectively reach all of the students within your classroom. I also like how you can share a link with parents so they can track the progress of their children- that is my favorite feature!
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Useful product to help students take ownership over their own learning

Though goalbook is not building a deep understanding of content, the use of goalbook is teaching students how to set goals, how to measure progress toward meeting those goals, and how to adjust goals in addition to pushing students to think about their own learning in meaningful ways. In addition, it allows students, when used the way I use it, to become responsible for their own learning. Since this is one of the most important things students can learn, I think that though Goalbook is expensive, it adds value to my teaching and my students' learning.
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A entire tool kit to allow teachers to meet the needs of all the students in their classroom!

Goalbook is an essential tool for teachers. It will help plan lessons so that you will be able to teach to all levels of learners in your classroom. I also like that is has an entire area for behavior issues. I teach 7th grade and there are time when I need new suggestions on how to handle a student's in ability or unwillingness to learn because of behavior problems at school or at home.<br><br> Goalbook is not free. But you definitely get your money's worth from this program. I am sure the price per year is a reasonable price for all the information tools that is provided by this application. Unfortunately, the price is cost prohibitive for a teacher like myself that does not work for a large school district and would have to buy the program on my own.
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