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Need a lesson for a sub? Here it is.

As long as the modules stay relevant, this will speak to students in a real way. One of the modules uses "Youville" as the social network site which seems dated, but the kids still get the idea behind the message. There are sometimes no real right and wrong answers, which is good. They need to see the consequences of their choices. Real world skills are not covered in many subjects, this solves that problem. It's a valuable resource.
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I use Everfi Financial, Ignition, and Venture for my classes. You can get it for free!

I think Everfi does a good job on providing an interactive learning experience for students. At any time students have access to a glossary to look up terms they do not understand. They can go back and review sections as needed. We have had some problems with the latest update working with our system, but Everfi is working on solving that problem. At first technical support was not very good, but we made it clear that we could no longer use the product if they did not work to solve our issues. It is has been much better since then.
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