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Flipboard - One of the best curation tools out there for the classroom

Finding reading level appropriate, content area related texts is very difficult for many teachers. For many of us our curricula don't 'fit' a traditional textbook. Flipboard allows us as teachers to curate timely, appropriate readings around any topic. Essentially we create/curate living textbooks. Most importantly, they allow students to become active in the creation of these textbooks. For any teacher who thinks his/her students aren't quite ready for that process, you can turn it on when you are ready.
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Does not stack up to the hype.

Basically this app is used to connect and be able to read several sources at one time, all in one place. It did a good job of collecting the data, I'm just not a big social media person. So this app did not impress me. I would rather use just an RSS reader.
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Fantastic for Current Events...but Great Potential for Problems

Overall, we decided against using this app any further with our students because we found the potential for inappropriate material to be more concerning than the potential benefits of the app. We opted to utilize local and national newspaper apps in place of this app. This app has amazing potential for mature individuals, but it must be used with great caution in a school setting to avoid content problems that would negatively impact learning.
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Wonderful teacher tool, though I don't let my 4th graders use it

I love using the app! All of my favorite news sources are collected in one area. I used to have them all bookmarked, but this streamlines the process of catching up on the news each day. I can find an article that is interesting or relevant to my students every time I look on the app, as long as I have time. It would be nice if I could add a filter so students could use it and find the articles themselves, but for now, I'll stick to keeping it as a teaching tool.
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Perfect for SSR (Silent Sustained Reading)

My only criticism is that the app does not filter for age groups / appropriateness. Because this app is not designed as an educational app, there is no filter for content.
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Great app for getting the latest news you are interested in hearing about.

It is a great app for getting news. I love that I can customize it to get the stories I am interested in and mark the items I want to read later. I can also send the article to others quickly. Just like it's name, just flip through pages and stories quickly. I love the choices and I can easily get updated on the information important to me. I don't always have time to watch the news or read articles, but this app is my go-to when I need a quick flip to the latest news and allows me to get caught up on the important information. This could be a good and quick way for students to follow particular fields or topics of information. I use this app mostly for myself in the filed of education.
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