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Great interactive way of making stories using students voice.

I like that the students can record their voices and they can pick their own pictures to create the storyboard.
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Great story app!

This app has a lot of great allows students the chance to read and create their own stories by using their pictures and record their voice. One downfall is it can be confusing for students at first. Teachers need to make sure they go through the app with the students as a whole group and really work using a lot of practice before letting them free on their own.
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StoryKit is my "go-to" app for teaching the writing process with K-5. It utilizes images, text and voice to digitize student essays.

This is an excellent app for teaching the writing process. Students learn the interface easily and move between their handwritten essay into the digital world easily. I highly recommend it.
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Creative and easy to use story creation, free app!

Teachers and students enjoy this app because it is very user friendly and easy to use. I like the way students can either upload, take a photo, and/or draw a picture on the pages. They can create text on the page around the images. I would like for the app to allow the student to see the picture as they are typing text (rather than it going to a separate page for the text). For workflow and sharing, it would be great if this app worked with Dropbox to allow all stories to be uploaded from the iPads into one folder for parents/students to access. Overall, this is a great app for checking student understanding in multiple areas of the curriculum.
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Digital Writing on i-devices that even our youngest kids can use...and publishes easily to the web!

I love this iPhone app that works on iPad because it integrates with the iPad's microphone, camera, touch screen for drawing, on-screen keyboard for adding text . . . really takes full advantage of the device's capabilities. Additionally, it is SOOOO simple to publish the project to their website when you're done and email the generated link out to post on a website or share with parents. The only negative side to is this: when students want to access the microphone, the text that is onscreen is not visible. So if they want to read what they have typed or written by hand, they can't see it! The drawing tools are also a bit limited, but using a stylus makes it a bit better for kids. Use the color "white" to erase what you've drawn.
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My favorite FREE writing, drawing and audio app for creating stories.

This app from the International Children's Digital Library is an iphone app, but works on the iPad and iPod. This is my favorite app for students and teachers new to the iPad but wanting to get started with digital storytelling. It is easy to use and offers not only text, image and painting input but also audio recording, making it very friendly to young learners not yet keyboard proficient. With each audio button you can record up to one minute but may include more than one button on a page. Final products are uploaded as a private link to the ICDL website and the link can then be emailed or posted.
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This helps beginning writers add more imaginitive details to their writing.

This helped Kindergarten students who were beginning writers add more details to their writing.
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Fun, creative app for writing fiction and nonfiction books!

This app is a wonderful program for creating books. Students can make a creative book adding photos from their iPad or phone. They can record their voice too. There is even a drawing tool to make their own picture. Students have a few children's classics (ex. Goldilocks and the Three Bears) which can be edited and rewritten-maybe do a fractured fairy tale! I think it is great for nonfiction work too. Write a book about your state or an animal you are studying or an historical figure.
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Create Digital Social Stories

Overall, StoryKit is a good app for creating and reading social stories to students with disabilities. What I like about the app is that my students are able to be part of their own social story from beginning to end, including narrating the story. My students would help create paper social stories but they became not as interested. Now that I use Storykit, they are more willing to help with their own social story. The ability to use the camera on the ipad and import those pictures into the story is great. Another aspect I like is that the teacher or the student can narrate the story and play it back. This is a great feature for the struggling readers in my classroom. As the year goes on, my struggling readers grow tired of listening to staff go over social stories with them, however, when I allow them to narrate their own story, they seem to be more invested. The biggest problem I have is the size of the on screen keyboard. My students are 16-21 and sometimes the onscreen keyboard can be difficult for them to use.
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