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This is a great game, not only is it fun, but very practical blood typing can get complicated with this game not only does it clear up the confusion but its pretty fun to play with.

This is a great teaching tool, I enjoyed it as a learning tool as a student and I am sure my students will benefit just as much as I did in during my undergrad. Biological concepts can get complex and difficult to understand.I believe the key to learning something that is new and difficult is repetition, this game does just that. Allows repetition so that the student can better understand the importance of proper blood typing.
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Great quick and easy way to learn how to determine blood types and what type of blood a person can receive during transfusions

This is a helpful additional tool for a hand on activity for students to practice what they learn about blood types and blood transfusion. I highly recommend it for both small group and individual use.
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Great interactive game for getting the basics of blood typing

This is a great introduction to blood typing. It is simple to use and students quickly figure out how to conduct the blood typing activities. I found it very useful for reinforcing concepts I'd just taught about blood typing. The animations, while very basic, served their purpose to reinforce correct answers or communicate incorrect answers. On top of that my students enjoyed playing the game and it got them more interested in the activities I had planned.
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A great way to reinforce the different blood types and provide a real-world tie.

I was looking for a way to help students better understand how the blood types play a role in medicine so that they could better grasp the different blood types and if they are compatible. This game was an excellent way for them to learn and expand their knowledge of blood types and also provided a real world tie that gets them engaged and motivated.
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Solid practice for blood typing

Nobel Prize's Blood Typing Game is a practical application game for students learning about blood typing. The game itself offers two experiences--one just for fun, and one, "a mission" wherein students receive a variety of scenarios in which they must save the patient by typing and transfusing blood. The mission requires that students set up an account; they also receive scores which could be screen shot and turned in as a formative assessment. Although the game is fairly intuitive to use, students will have to have command of blood-typing vocabulary in order to understand the tutorials (which are all about blood and NOT the game). Students can also simply click through the blood types until they get the right one (that's what I did) without any negative "game" consequences. Overall, when live blood donors are not an option, the mission section of the game offers practice (with twins and multiple-person injuries) that, while a bit staid, will give students an understanding of how blood typing works in the real world.
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