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great educational software for flipped classroom

I liked the easy access and navigation of the website.
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al enseñar los alumnos aprenden la novedad después se hace una rutina como ven y suben sus archivo , tambie el complemeno de enseñar las las nomas de convivencia en esta plataforma los alumnos también comienzan a ser mas educados cuando escribe, con respecto al programa e tomad los cursos de capacitación, aprendiendo para poder mejorar como educador ha cambiado la plataforma algo mas amigable, relacionado con drive google con one drive mIcrosoft documento, también a cambiado como poner Hashtag y como enlazar el vídeo para ponerlo, aunque también en algunas ocaiones se puede colgar o cuando el docente pone demasiado información se cuelga esta información liviana, es mejor poner los enlaces donde están los archivo
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Edmodo takes the classroom home

This is a great resource binder. It acts as a dropbox. Students can submit assignments but not to a point where they will be graded.
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An application that provides a borderless classroom. I can communicate not only with the kids but with the parents as well. It keeps my students updated even there are class interruptions.

This is a very good application specially for distant learning. They can be updated to our class and also we can provide feedback to our parents right away. Edmodo provides not only teaching and learning but an experience outside the classroom. It also provides limitless add-ins specially Microsoft. Also, it provide teachers a platform to grow and to interact with the other teachers. I think all educators should be familiar with Edmodo and use it in their classes.
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An excellent tool to organize your classes and create an international net of teachers and educators.

Edmodo is a fantastic tool. Students love that it is very easy to use it and their motivation increases.
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Perfect interactive virtual class for ICT teachers.

I like how simple it is in layout and valuable in content. I love the messages feature, which makes communication easier.
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Best way to communicate, be in touch with your students, loved Assessments, it's very convenient having one place to gather and comment on student work. Quiz best way to see students understanding and best part is it's auto corrected.

Best tool to collect the evidence in one place. excellent for collaboration and communication. in love with assessment tool made my life easy as i'm subject teacher and teaching different year groups and number of classes so it's the best way to have all at one place.
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Edmodo is great!

Edmodo interface is so similar to Facebook that it makes things simple for anyone who is familiar with that social network. I love that only the ones I gave the code or allow access can be aprt of my classes. That gives me and my students a feeling of being in a safe teaching and learning environment. Small groups allow me to cater for my students different needs and makes education more inclusive.
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Edmodo is very is a very helpful platform. My students as well as my co-teachers are enjoying this thing. I hope to maximize the use of Edmodo in the Philippines when the internet connection will become faster with the advent of a new telco in the country

This is awesome. Its very useful for students and teachers
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