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Great for elementary conflict resolutuion.

It is a great game! Students like it and enjoy the process of resolving conflicts. I think the students enjoy being peace makers.
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This is a great way to explore social situations with my kindergarteners.

It takes more time to load than I expected. I wish it had a description/label of each story before you load it.
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Anytime we can use technology to drive home an imp point we're in good shape :)

We are always talking about positive character... Again, using technology only makes things better.
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A creative way to teach young children about prosocial skills

Cool School Where Peace Rules! Is a cute website designed to teach 5- to 7-year-olds social and problem-solving skills. Children navigate throughout the campus at Cool School and watch short animated videos depicting some kind of conflict among the students (e.g., one student notices that another is copying from her during a test and calls the teacher over). Children must choose from four options to direct how the characters should proceed. Once children click on an option, they watch what happens as the characters act out their choice. If the child did not pick the best option, they are given another chance to try again, which repeats until they make the “right” choice. When they do make the best choice, they receive a certificate for the general concept they learned about (e.g., sharing) and a letter of the alphabet. The goal of the game is to collect all 26 letters. This game was developed through a federal grant by child development researchers and gaming experts, therefore it is not a for-profit operation. The animation is charming and the scenarios are realistic making Cool School a creative way to teach young children about prosocial skills. Using a computer game to teach these skills is an especially keen choice given the uniquely 21st century opportunities for anti-social behavior (such as cyber bullying). The game is engaging and will certainly capture children’s interest. The set up that allows children to keep playing until they make the morally “right” is especially clever. That way children have an opportunity to explore different response options and see the consequences of making the “wrong” choice without punishing or humiliating them by deducting points or telling them they are wrong. In the end, children will always win a certificate and a letter no matter how many times they tried out the wrong options. However, it is important to note that not all conflict situations are black and white; even in the simple scenarios presented here, there is sometimes more that one appropriate response, even if the game only allows for one “best” option. This could be a good opportunity for discussion about when might a different response be appropriate. One thing the site lacks is a way to go back and review past scenarios. Certificates and letters collected are kept in the “trophy room” and can always be accessed, but users cannot see or read about the actual scenarios. Teachers might want to review past scenarios if, for example, something similar happens in their classroom and the teacher wants to use the game to demonstrate ways to resolve a similar conflict.
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Very good resource on social skills and conflict resolution

Cool School Game is a free, web-based game that serves as resource, when working with young students (K-2) on conflict resolution strategies and anti-bullying initiatives. The players voluntarily may enter age and gender information, which is used to improve future versions of the game (not saving any personal data). Cool School Game is not accompanied by any additional resources or lesson plans at this time. However, as stated on the teacher page, the developer is interested in working with educators "in the utmost altruistic and cost-free manner". Interested teachers are invited to contact them. The interface is engaging and colorful, with the premise of a fantasy school where the students are classroom objects come alive. Players move throughout the school, where scenarios are specific to the problems that students are likely to encounter there. One of the game's greatest strengths is that these situations are so general, common and typical in K-2. No matter what anti-bullying / conflict-resolution program is used (Second Step, Responsive Classroom, Olweus, etc), Cool School Game will be a good fit. Throughout game play, students are provided with phrases and responses to situations. The characters present diversity in race and gender, but are are voiced by adults imitating children. Unfortunately, the phrases used are sometimes rather trite.
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Young students learn about conflict resolution

This application is a good teaching tool to help kids learn how to resolve conflicts. The application provides friendly cartoon simulations that require students to critically think about a good solution to a problem. Once a solution is selected (multiple options are provided) students can watch their solution play out with the cartoon characters. If an "incorrect" solution is selected they have a chance to pick the best solution. Good choices to solve a problem are rewarded with a letter that goes into a trophy case with a certificate. This is a fun way to learn about good choices when there is a problem. It is a user friendly site however, there may be a learning curve for younger students on how to navigate through the site. Also, although the entering your age, name, and gender is optional when you being playing it is not needed and should not be part of the sign on.
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