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Augment your Mystery Hangouts and visual collaboration with this tool.

It's fun to connect with other classrooms over Google Hangout, but interactions can be limited to watching each other on screen. Adding the visual thinking tools within Scoot and Doodle helps students playfully connect, collaborate and communicate more comfortably.
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Scoot & Doodle is a collaborative and innovative design experience.

I loved that students were able to collaborate with others outside the classroom and make the ideas they were discussing in real time come to life. It allows for more concrete brainstorming as well as movement towards a final product. It's an incredibly engaging tool.
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Engaging interactive brainstorming tool that appeals to creative and visual learners.

Scoot-Doodle has been a wonderful product to use with my students. Even at the upper elementary and lower middle school level, my students are social-media mavens; they are drawn to any application or device that allows them to simulate the experience. The versatility of this product is key for me - I'm able to use it across curriculum areas and with all of my various learners (special needs). It really appeals to creative and visual learners who enjoy doodling and embedding artistic qualities into their work. This is ideal for student-led, small group work as students are able to discuss ideas and brain storm. Utilizing Scoot-Doodle's interactive capabilities to their fullest potential is reliant on Facebook, which is the only major drawback for me. Facebook is blocked in my district and students in my groups don't meet the 13+ age requirement to be able to use it, regardless. Despite this, students love the format of it and I've certainly seen a difference in their level of engagement when it comes to brainstorming and planning. Students enjoy the format, the pen colors, and the easy to use features, and I love the level of engagement and versatility.
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Really fun, but it's not that different from what else is out there.

This app would be okay as a teaching tool. Not awesome, not horrible. It is fun in that it can be run over a Google Hangout, so several students can see what is going on at once. If students wanted to do an after school study session, this would be great to supplement explanations of concepts, as students can write equations, draw graphs, etc. It also may be beneficial in large classes as students can look at individual screens and see what the teacher is doing, then students can provide examples at their own computers that the whole class can see. It could serve teaching better if some of the stamps were specific to certain content-areas. For example, division and multiplication symbols, more shapes, etc. If students are using this app not on hangout, but rather on iPads, they could hold up individual iPads to provide answers to specific questions (like white boards).
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Scoot and Doodle helps students use their noodles

I have used this as a twist on vocabulary flash cards to help students understand a word in context. It increases the level of engagement for some less enthusiastic students, especially my artistic doodlers, by adding a creative and social aspect to a vocabulary lesson. The drawing feature makes it feel less "skill and drill." I think it works better for a younger group (9th grade), but I have used it at other levels.
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Terrific interactive way to have students demonstrate understanding of concepts.

Scoot-doodle allows students to interact and brain storm specific content. I appreciate how a product like this could be used for ANY subject area. Students can log in and brainstorm/craft independently but also (if they are 13 or above) they can interact with one another. The site is facebook dependent for interactivity which limits usability. Teachers do not always want to encourage facebook use and teachers in middle school settings would most likely not be able to use it.
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