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Great Extension App for High Achievers and Others

This is an example of a narrowly focused tool that belongs among many others in your app repertoire. It's engaging for a wide span of ages. The hint option is helpful for those puzzles that have a student stumped.
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Fun way to practice problem solving.

I don't think it is really a teaching tool. It is an activity students can do that promotes critical thinking, while having fun. The nice thing about this app is that students see it as a game and are willing to play it, but really they are strengthening their problem solving abilities. I like the simplicity of it and the ease of operating it. It would be nice if there were some suggested ways to use it in a lesson instead of outside a lesson.
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Excellent challenge for advanced students

This app challenges students to fit tangram pieces into a a puzzle. It starts out fairly easy to allow them to learn how to use the app but quickly the puzzles become challenging. Students are motivated to find solutions to the puzzles and it is easy to move the pieces in and out of the puzzle to find the appropriate solution. Students do not turn or flip any of the pieces but drag them directly into the puzzle.There are multiple ways to solve some of the puzzles others only have one solution. Students are able to choose a background that does not change the puzzle. You can also earn hints to use with the harder puzzles. This is a great for working with kids on spatial awareness and harder geometry concepts. It also teaches patience and perseverance as students often need to try multiple solutions until they find one that works.
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