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DOA This app no longer works. Bought by another company FAIL

When the company was bought up by Learning A-Z they switched the entire program, website, and process overnight. Teachers now have to manually set up all lessons (which our Middle School does not have time to do). Access to games has to be allowed - it is not automatic. There was no warning at all when this was changed. We walked in one Monday and the apps on our ipads did not work. Set up on the new format is confusing (multiple names given to the same program Learning A-Z, kids A-Z, Raz A-Z and so on. The app is NOT CALLED Spelling City any more. Spelling City is dead. If someone has a great suggestion for a progressive spelling app that will help prepare our students for high school and beyond, I'd love to know it!
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We have technology for every student so the use of this program works well during and after school. No paper either!

I love that students can use this program in any class before or after school. It is user friendly can be used for any learner regardless of ability level.
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I used to teach VocabularySpellingCity when I taught elementary school and my students loved it! Students found it fun and engaging and I could differentiate, create my own lists in advance, save lessons for the following year, etc!

I like that this teaching tool (when I used it) gave students a chance to practice skills using technology and that it was engaging.
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I love VocabularySpellingCity! My students love it as well, they are engaged in each lesson.

I really like how easy the set up was and best of all no worksheets! I do wish it could leveled a little easier to cater to different needs. My lower kids, I have to create a separate list with less words and then choose the activities again. Having more challenging activities to choose from for my higher kids would be great too!
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Great for Differentiated Spelling Groups

I really like this app, however it does not teach actual spelling patterns, mostly just has opportunities for practice and testing.
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Fun app to reinforce spelling skills

This app is best used for practice and reinforcement skills with my students. The only drawback is the repetition of the same words, even after mastery. A wider vocabulary would be more appealing.
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Spelling Bee Practice for all!

This product is a great resource, it also allowed members to create flashcards with definitions and sentences a great help for teachers and librarians when creating spelling competition word lists. This product is highly recommended for parents needing to help children learn new sight words.
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VocabSpellingCity engages students in word study saving teachers oodles of class and grading time!

VocabSpellingCity is a great example of the use of technology to enable students to study independently and to automate and improve productivity. The service, on the web and as an app, covers vocabulary, spelling, writing, alphabetical order, phonics, and phonological awareness. It would be better if it taught more of the writing process. Right now, the writing is really just for students to get practice writing sentences and paragraphs that show they know how to use words in context.
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Learn your spelling words while playing games!

This is a great tool to give students a fun way to practice spelling words. No more writing words 5 times each, let them play Hangman, take a practice test, or pick any of the several games offered. The teacher creates a spelling list and students go to the teacher link and practice their words using any of several games. They offer a paid subscription with more options, but the free option has more than enough choices to give your students extra practice while having a good time.
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Spelling City is great practice

Monitoring and feedback are very important. I like Spelling City.
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