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Good App for learning about healthy food!

Overall, I think this app is good for young students. Making their own plate gives them their own freedom to create food that they want, with also being conscious of what is healthy and balanced for a child's diet. It is a lighthearted, fun app that is also a learning tool for students.
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Health Nutrition Lesson

I think it would be a helpful teaching tool. Elementary students understand the basic "what is healthy/unhealthy for you." This app lets them expand upon that and create their own plate with their own ideas. It clears up notions they may have of certain foods while following along. I would definitely implement this into a nutrition based health unit at the elementary level.
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Could be a Physical Education game!

I loved the concept so much to bring it to life. This was a little chaotic at first, but students got the concept and really ran with the idea. They were giving great complements and getting an amazing workout too!
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Great Learning site!

I really liked this website (especially because it's backed by PBS, so you know there won't be any inappropriate popups!). The healthy eating lessons and independent learning the students can do are great to use with grades 2nd through 5th.
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