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Great for Language Based Students and vocabulary/spelling practice

I love the game, and using this as a 'fun' day gives the students a chance to show what they are learning and practice it. They enjoy the competition and don't realize that they are actually learning. The boards were good, but having it electronic, keeping score for them, lets them concentrate on the spelling aspect which is what I want.
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Learning without the feeling

I think that students at all levels are successful with this. Some seemed surprised that they can do well at playing this type of game. Some are even inspires to play it on their own, Watch out for cheaters.
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Scrabble is a great game that students can play when they finish their work.

Scrabble is a classic!
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Great game for language learners

This is agreat app for langauge learners to practice and expand vocabulary. Students have a lot of fun and they learn with and from each other. It can be used with any type of classroom population, since they set the level of difficulty of the game.
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Update on classic

The game can be tailored to any learner level.
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Scrabble makes learning fun, especially during one on one tutoring/lessons IF used sporadically and over the long term.

Scrabble can be an incredibly powerful learning tool with some caveats. Teachers must be purposeful in its use and plan for it. You cannot simply have students play scrabble without direction. For instance, I have students "prepare" to play by doing research on strategies, vocabulary (including two letter words), and mathematical calculations. I had one student keep track of letters that have been played not knowing that the app can keep track of what is left. Also, it is best to limit the time and have students earn the right to play. Again, if Scrabble is used haphazardly as a class "babysitter", it is just another game. But if you plan to use Scrabble like you would any other educational activity, you'll find that it can be incredibly effective and make learning fun.
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Motivate students to memorize words and help build vocabulary

This game is fantastic for all students ages 3 and above, It not only motivate students to memorize words, but build team corporation. In order to win, they must think of words to finish the target. Along the procedure, it builds vocabulary and team work.
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Fun and flawed.

A few fun features on the iPhone version made this worth loading on my iPad. I like the "teacher mode", which gently suggests alternative words that would yield better scores. You can play by yourself or pass the mobile to play your on-site friends. Online play is also possible but I personally don't like that and would not recommend that option for children. The scores are calculated for you, which takes away the small element of math practice. It frustrates me for solo play that I can't shuffle my tiles while computer players take turns.
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Useful for engaging reluctant students

This is a fun game to play with high vocabulary students. Students who struggle with spelling can get frustrated. I am not sure students learn a lot, but students who enjoy words like to play and it can help ease them into a group or individual counseling session. I love having game apps on my phone and ipad as it means I can offer a lot of choice to students without having to physically carry 30 games with me wherever I go.
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