Vendor Participation

If you make software used in education, the easiest way to start participating is to be aware of the work we're doing. Our goal isn't to surprise or catch anyone; similar to most everyone working in and around education, we want to provide people tools to do their work more effectively. Later this winter, we will be releasing the questions we're using in our evaluation and a primer covering some basic information security reviews. You can use these tools to review your own apps. It's a good way to test what you're building, and it allows you to address any issues you see.

Additionally, we have some blog posts that cover issues we've seen with privacy policies and terms of service in the past. We will be publishing more posts that cover issues we see as we continue with our work on the Privacy blog.

Finally, later this spring, when we begin evaluating apps, if you would like to take part in the initial evaluation of your app, please be in touch. All evaluations will be reviewed by Common Sense and/or district staff prior to going live, but we welcome vendor participation in the initial transparency and qualitative evaluation process.

Vendors will never be charged for a review in this system. Priorities around which apps get reviewed first are largely determined by our district partners, with some additional consideration given to the relative popularity and use of the app.