Vendors Can Help Make a Difference

Edtech software vendors are invited to use our privacy evaluation criteria and results as a means to update and improve their products.

It's not uncommon for a vendor's privacy policy to drift from the company's original intent. Privacy evaluation resources are available to help edtech software developers and vendors create products that can be used responsibly and effectively while protecting student privacy. Privacy evaluations are based on questions from the Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs), which  form the basis for national and international privacy statutes, regulations, guidelines, and best practices. The privacy evaluations will always remain independent and free of charge. Priorities for app evaluations are determined by our district partners, with additional consideration given to the relative popularity and impact of the app on kids.

Learn more about how to get involved:
  • For details on our evaluation process, start here.
  • To see the questions we use when evaluating, start here.
  • To use and access our information security primer, start here.