School Districts Inform Our Work

District participation helps prioritize evaluations and deliver important edtech privacy resources to families, educators, and advocates across the country.

The Common Sense District Privacy Evaluation Initiative was developed collaboratively in response to school and district needs. Currently, more than 140 schools and districts help shape the work. The primary goal of the initiative is to provide educators access to a robust set of resources (many of which are available under a Creative Commons license) to help them make more informed decisions about the educational software they use. 

Schools and districts nationwide are encouraged to join the District Privacy Consortium and commit to using the privacy evaluations as part of their vetting process of educational applications used in the classroom. All members of the consortium are welcome to join our regular meetings, where district representatives can:

  • Share information about commonly used edtech apps to help inform/shape priorities about which services need to be reviewed.
  • Share and learn from each other's processes for reviewing new technology applications, including any documentation provided to teachers.
  • Provide feedback on the privacy evaluations, including instructional feedback on how to use a service in a way that respects learner and instructor privacy.
  • Sign up to receive training to help participate in the application evaluation process and make an even bigger impact.

Learn more about how to get involved: