Privacy Evaluation Initiative
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A coordinated effort to evaluate edtech tools, protect student privacy, and build in safety and security from the start.

The Common Sense Privacy Evaluation Initiative helps clarify privacy policies so that teachers can make smart choices about the learning tools they use with students, and schools and districts can participate in evaluating the technology used in K–12 classrooms. Today, with the involvement of over 100 schools and districts, we are working in collaboration with software developers to bring greater transparency to privacy policies across the board.

Privacy Evaluations

Common Sense evaluates popular edtech apps using a broad range of legal requirements and best practices for data privacy. We focus on the core concerns of safety, privacy, security, and compliance.

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Information Security Primer

Great for district and school technology leaders, this toolkit is for those looking to learn more about evaluating the information security practices of educational software.

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Privacy Questions

Make sense of a vendor's terms of service with this question set that helps educators and administrators come to decisions based on their specific school and district policies.

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Needles, Haystacks, and Policies

When evaluating software, it's often necessary to look in multiple places to find the applicable policies. This is how we do it.
When running privacy evaluations, identifying the correct policies that govern the use of a service is the first hurdle to overcome. In many cases, this is straightforward, but in some situations, it's ... Read more
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