District Privacy Evaluation Initiative

The District Privacy Evaluation Initiative focuses on evaluating the privacy policies, legal terms, and basic information security practice of commonly used EdTech apps to help districts, schools and teachers make more informed decisions about the applications they use with students.

The information shared in this privacy space blends resources describing the project, status updates on the project, and descriptions of different ways people can get involved. We will also share stories, tools, tips, and analysis of various privacy related issues.

To see the evaluations, see https://privacy.commonsense.org - this list of evaluations will steadily increase as Common Sense and District staff evaluate additional applications.



Encryption use is becoming more widespread, and that's a positive step for edtech.
In October 2010, Firesheep was publicly released. While the subject of encryption was not new at that time, Firesheep created a user interface that helped illustrate the problem. It took something that, ... read more
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