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With Power Comes Responsibility (6-8)

What characteristics make for a good digital citizen?

Students explore what it means to be responsible and respectful to their offline and online communities as a step towards learning about the characteristics of good digital citizens.

Lesson Objectives

Students list the offline communities they feel responsible to through a whole-class brainstorming session. They then explore the online communities they feel responsible to by filling out, as a group, the Rings of Responsibility Student Handout. Finally, they make a word web to describe the characteristics of a good digital citizen.

Students will be able to ...

  • consider their responsibilities to their offline communities.
  • reflect upon their responsibilities to their online communities.
  • assess how good digital citizens navigate the digital world responsibly and respectfully.


Alignment with Standards

Common Core: coming soon!

NETS•S: 1a-b, 2c, 5a-d

Additional Lesson Materials