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Top Secret (6-8)

What kind of information should be kept private online, and when?

Students explore how they can protect their privacy online and respect the privacy of others.

Lesson Objectives

Students play Top Secret, an interactive narrated tutorial about privacy. In this interactive, students follow the story of two young people, Chris and Mariah, as they deal with ethical and practical issues, both online and offline, related to sharing  information online. At various points in the story, students decide what the characters should do next, or evaluate actions the characters have taken. Students then receive feedback based on the choices they make and discuss the main points of the tutorial as a group.

Students will be able to ...

  • judge when sharing online crosses the line to over-sharing.
  • explore the responsibility one has to others to keep their information private.
  • discuss what role parents and teachers should have in students’online lives.

Alignment with Standards

Common Core: coming soon!

NETS•S: 1a-c

Additional Lesson Materials