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K – 2 > Unit 2 > Lesson 5

Sites I Like (K-2)

What makes a website the right site for you?

Students explore and evaluate an informational website for children. Students discover that people’s opinions about the quality and usefulness of a site will vary. As a class, students view a website and identify features that they like and those they do not like. Using the Rate My Site Student Handout, they then explore and rate another site on their own. Students compare responses and discuss their similarities and differences.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to ...

  • identify and explore different features of an informational website.
  • understand that not everyone will rate a website the same way.
  • evaluate whether they like or dislike features of a site.

Alignment with Standards

Common Core State Standards:

Grade K: RL.1, RL.4, RL.10, RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4, W.2, W.5, W.7, W.8, W.10, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.2, SL.3, SL.5, SL.6, L.6

Grade 1: RL.1, RL.4, RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, W.5, W.7, W.8, L.6

Grade 2: RL.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, W.2, W.7, W.8, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.1c, SL.3, SL.6, L.6

ISTE Standards:

1b-d, 2b, 3a, 3b, 3d, 6a, 6d


1a, 1b, 3a-d, 4a-d, 5e

Additional Lesson Materials

Family Tip Sheet
Student Activity Sheet