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Secret Sharer (6-8)

How do you respect the privacy of others online?

Students look beyond protecting their own privacy to respecting the privacy of others online.

Lesson Objectives

Students read and analyze case studies about students who have compromised the privacy of someone else online by tagging, copying, and distributing that person’s photos or video, or by sharing the person’s personal information. Students then debate some of the thornier ethical questions that have bubbled up in the case studies, and then generate ways to protect other people’s privacy online.

Students will be able to ...

  • learn that it is the responsibility of digital media users to respect the personal information and privacy of others.
  • understand how putting information about others online could compromise their own reputation or their relationships with others.
  • generate ideas about how to respect the privacy of others.


Alignment with Standards

Common Core: coming soon!

NETS•S: 1a-b, 2a-d


Additional Lesson Materials