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K – 2 > Unit 1 > Lesson 3

Keep It Private (K-2)

What kinds of information should you keep to yourself when you use the Internet?

Students learn that many websites ask for information that is private and discuss how to responsibly handle such requests. Students review what information is private and should not be shared without a trusted adult’s permission. They view an online form that asks for private information and understand that they should never share this kind of information online. Students then view sites that ask them to create usernames, and they learn rules for safeguarding their private information when they create usernames.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to ...

  • recognize the kind of information that is private.
  • understand that they should never give out private information on the Internet.
  • learn to create effective usernames that protect their private information.


Alignment with Standards

Common Core State Standards:

Grade K: RL.1, RL.4, RL.10 RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4, W.2, W.5, W.7, W.8, W.10, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.2, SL.3, SL.4, SL.5, SL.6, L.6

Grade 1: RL.1, RL.4, RI.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, W.5, W.7, W.8, L.6

Grade 2: RL.1, RI.4, RI.10, RF.4a, W.2, W.7, W.8, SL.1a, SL.1b, SL.1c, SL.3, SL.6, L.6


1c, 1d, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 3a, 3d


2a, 2c, 3d, 4a-d, 5a-f


Additional Lesson Materials

Family Tip Sheet
Student Activity Sheet