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Cracking the Gender Code (6-8)

Are there unspoken rules about how boys and girls should act on social network sites?

Students explore "boy codes" and "girl codes," and discuss the extent to which they shape people's online identities and relationships. 

Lesson Objectives

Students explore whether or not “gender codes” –- or expectations about boys’ and girls’ roles –- shape how people act online. Students first discuss if language in texts and posts can be “masculine” or “feminine,” and why. They then fill out a mock social network profile, imagining that they are a teen of the opposite sex. The lesson concludes with a discussion about online gender codes and the extent to which students identify with them.

Students will be able to ...

  • reflect on unspoken rules, or “codes,” that influence the way boys and girls act, both offline and online.
  • analyze messages and photos on social network sites from multiple perspectives.
  • consider the extent to which gender codes allow people to be true to themselves.

Alignment with Standards

Common Core: RI.6.4, RI.6.7, RI.6.8, RI.6.10, W.6.4, W.6.7, W.6.10, SL.6.1a-d, SL.6.4, SL.6.6, L.6.6; RI.7.4, RI.7.8, RI.7.10, W.7.4, W.7.7, W.7.10, SL.7.1a-d, SL.7.4, SL.7.6, L.7.6; RI.8.4, RI.8.8, RI.8.10, W.8.4, W.8.7, W.8.10, SL.8.1a-d, SL.8.4, SL.8.6, L.8.6

NETS•S: 1a-d, 2a-b, 2d, 3a-d, 4a-d, 5a-d, 6a-b, 6d

Additional Lesson Materials