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9 – 12 > Unit 2 > Lesson 3

Building Community Online (9-12)

How can websites foster community online?

Students examine websites that foster positive community. Students explore the factors that increase community engagement on the Internet, such as social media messaging and sharing photos, videos, information, or opinions. They then apply what they have learned about building online community by designing their own websites that foster community.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to ...

  • observe and analyze the factors that foster positive community, both offline and online.
  • identify characteristics of websites that excel at creating positive online community.
  • demonstrate their understanding of how to build positive community online.


Alignment with Standards

Common Core State Standards:

Grades 9-10: RL.4, RL.10, RI.4, RI.10, W.6-10, SL.1a-d, SL.2-5, L.4a, L.6

Grades 11-12: RL.4, RL.10, RI.4, RI.10, W.6-10, SL.1a-d, SL.2-5, L.4a, L.6


1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3c, 3d, 4a, 4c, 7b, 7c, 7d


3d, 4a-d, 5e, 5f

Additional Lesson Materials

Family Tip Sheet
Student Activity Sheet