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Advertising Detectives (3-5)

How can you recognize advertising on a website?

Students learn to recognize five different kinds of online ads prevalent on children’s sites. They learn how to distinguish advertising content from other content on a website.

Lesson Objectives

Students also discuss how some websites, similar to shopping malls, try to make visitors feel good, so that they will hang out, view ads, and want to buy products. Using the Be an Ad Detective Student Handout, students identify different kinds of online ads on a variety of children’s websites.

Students will be able to ...

  • identify different kinds of advertisements on websites.
  • understand that the purpose of online advertising is to make people want to buy products.
  • learn that websites try to make visitors want to hang out there so they can see more ads.
  • understand that online ads often target them.


Alignment with Standards

Common Core: coming soon!

NETS•S: 1a, 3a-d

Additional Lesson Materials