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Zooming in to Newton's Laws

Students will develop and understanding of Newton's Laws
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Students will be able to...

understand force, motion and the relationship between them.

use the Aurasma App.

Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook

Watch the short segments in regards to Newton's Laws using Brain Pop.  Students love Tim and Moby!!

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Creating

*List each of Newton's Laws on Chart Paper.  Provide an example of each law making sure to present to students a variety of scenarios with various masses and forces.

*Next, have students each take three post it notes and create their own example to go on each chart paper.

*Break students into groups to "check" over the various examples and discuss with one another any examples they feel don't fit into the law or are incorrect. 

*Lastly, with students back at their seats pass out cards with various situations on them pertaining to Newton's Laws.  Have students identigy which law their example falls under and why.  Make sure students disucss their example using the words force and mass.


3 Independent Practice

At home have students chose one law and record a video of the law being acted out, modeled, or discussed.

Link each student video to a Target Image Number and hang them around the room.

4 Wrap Up

Using a list with Target Numbers listed in one column, have students go around the room with their devices watching each of the examples pop out from the Target Numbers.  Students should record which of Newton's Laws is being displayed.  

After students are completed reveal and discuss the correct law for each Target Number.