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WWII/ Boy in the Striped Pajamas, John Boyne

What is a theme? How do we identify it ?
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Students will be able to make predictions and inferences based on background knowledge

English Language Arts
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1 Do Now

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Put Do now on smart board after mindfulness.

What is a theme in your I.R book? how do you know?

Share out 

Student Instructions

Students will share out on Padlet as they think of themes they have identified

2 Inrtoduction

Post anticipation guide in assignments .  Have students complete.

What are themes?
What kind of themes do you think surround the holocaust/ WWII?
What about Boy in the Striped Pajamas?
(innocence, family, complacency, friendship)

Student Instructions

Log into Google Classroom complete individualized anticipation guide

3 Body of Lesson

Google Drive
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Introduce book:
We’re going to be reading a book that takes place during the Holocaust called Boy in the Striped Pajamas. How many of you have heard of this book?
Go over historical fiction..what is it? why is it important to know that this novel is historical fiction? [a story that takes place in the past, but is not true]
Mention fables.  Why would the author choose to call the book a fable?
(moral to the story)

Note Taking:
Introduction to note taking for a novel using google docs and drive to take and organize notes
note taking lens:
What can we infer about Bruno’s family and the changes happening in his life?

Begin reading novel.
Stopping points are used to stress making inferences

Read Chapter 1 and 2
Stopping Points: 
Chapter 1
Pg 1, If Bruno was to treat Maria respectfully how did father her treat her and why were the two different?
Pg 2,Who do you think the “Fury” is? Could he be of importance?
pg 3, what can we infer about Bruno’s mother?
Pg 3, Why was “Hopeless Case” capitalized?
pg 5, What can we infer about Bruno’s father?
pg 8 What can we infer in the bottom paragraph? 
pg 10 what does Bruno like about his house in Berlin?
pg  10 What can we infer about the conversation between Bruno’s mother and father?

Chapter 2 
9. pg 13 What is different about the new house vs. the old house?
pg 14 what does Bruno’s mother mean when she says “we don’t have the luxury of thinking… Some people make all the decisions for us.”?
pg 15 how do we think Bruno’s mother feels about moving? why?
top of 19: What can we infer about the man who was in Father’s office?
pg 20 what do you think Bruno saw out the window?

Student Instructions

Take notes using the note taking templates saved under assingments in google classroom.

4 Assesment of learning

Activity: Conversing

SWK that Bruno’s father is a high ranking Nazi. Make an inference as to why Bruno’s family left Berlin.

5 Exit Ticket

Activity: Assessing

Think of at least 2 words or phrases that describes Bruno. Find a quote to support it.


Student Instructions

Make an inference about why Bruno’s family left Berlin using details from your notes to support your answer.