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Stuart L.
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My Grades 12
My Subjects Social Studies

Students will be able to...assess the significance of WWI that lead to WWII and also know the hardships of every man, woman, and child on all fronts.



Social Studies
Grades 12
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1 WWII Pre-Assessment

Activity: Assessing

I will bring up the Kahoot Website so the students can take an assessment before the lesson even starts. This shows me where they stand before they learn the concept.



Student Instructions

The students will use a device to take the quiz.

2 WWII Intelligence

Activity: Investigating

The Students will be given  this website/trivia game to criticize/research various battle plans throughout the lessons.



Student Instructions

Use this website to gather information on the particular subject for the day on WWII.



3 Treaty of Versailles

I will give the students tablets and handouts so they can create their own outcomes of the Treaty. A mock debate will be held to decide how the reparations will be given.

Student Instructions

The students will seperate with their country's group and I will lead the deabte by moderating. When they come to an agreement on reparations I will reveal the true nature behind the treaty's conclusion