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Writing Right

Support student mastery of correct letter formation with this engaging lesson flow.
August D.
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Students will be able to correctly form upper and lower case letters.

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Introduction

Introduce the the lesson flow by sharing the HWT app with the class. Model correct letter formation, calling on students to assist with various letters before the class. This activity can be done each time a new letter, or letters, are introduced.  

2 Pre-Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Administer a handwriting pre-assessment to each child to determine how prevalent correct letter formation is and when needs lie. These assessments can be saved to compare to final assessments at the end of the lesson flow.

3 Independent Practice

Make these three engaging apps available for student use to reinforce correct letter formation. Each offers it's own fun approach to supporting students as they master forming upper and lower case letters correctly and neatly. Make sure that ample, daily handwriting practice using pencils and crayons are also available to develop strong fine motor skills as well.

4 Final (or Ongoing) Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Administer the same assessment given at the pre-assessment as a final assessment to determine if student objectives were met. However, it is preferable this step is used as part of an ongoing, formative evaluation of student progress with the purpose to inform further instruction.