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Writing lower case letters

support students to develop correct letter formation
Jennifer S.
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Students will be able to...

correctly form lower case letters 

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Introduction

Introduce the lesson by watching the Youtube video with the class.  Discuss the importance of correct letter formation.  Model correct letter formation using air writing.

Student Instructions

Air write letters with the teacher

2 Independent Practice

Make this app available for students to practice at their own speed.  This offers a multisensory practice that while created for students with Dyslexia is good practice for all students.

Ensure daily practice with a variety of media to develop fine motor skills and correct letter formation.

Student Instructions

Follow the instructions on the app.

3 Continued practice

Activity: Drawing

Taking class outside, using paintbrushes and water, write letters on the wall.  Observe formation and give feedback.

Student Instructions

We are going to write our letters on the wall.  Lets remember how to start and finish them in the right places.

4 Plenary

Activity: Other — photo evidence

Using a whiteboard, write how you feel your letters are improving.  Get your partner to take a photo of you and your whiteboard when you have finished.

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