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Writing a Critique Essay

Students will learn what a critique is and how to write one.
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The students will comprehend the steps involved in writing a critique essay.

The students will be able to explain to their peers what a critique is.

The students will be able to write their own critique essay.

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I will ask students what a critique is and why it is important. After discussions, I am going to show them a fun video on what a journal article critique is.  I will answer questions.

Student Instructions

The students will first discuss with each other what they think a critique is and why it is important. They will turn to their neighbors and have an informal discussion about their thoughts. Then they will have a class, open discussion and share their thoughts. They will then watch a video, take notes and ask questions.


I will put students in randomly assigned groups of 4 and explain that they will be researching an article on a current event in the nation or their community. I will project examples of different articles that are acceptable as well as a critique example, both which will be available to students on Google Classroom. I will ask students what an acceptable journal article is; we will have a quick class discussion on topic.  I will go around and provide assistance with research & encourage group interaction. 

Student Instructions

The students will work in groups and research articles of interest for their critique essay.  They will use Google News and Google Search Engine to research events and journal articles of interest.  Google news will provide information about current events, while Google Search Engine will help them find a journal article. Students will be able to have discussions and assist each other during search.  Students will have access to example articles & critique in Google Classroom.


I will ask students why they picked their article of choice and how they plan on writing a critique; we will have a quick class discussion on topic. I will spend time with each group as they share their article of choice with their group. I will provide any feedback necessary to make sure students are on track. I will encourage the use of the article and critique examples in google classroom.

Student Instructions

Students will share article of choice with groups and explain

a) Why they picked the article?

b) How they plan on writing critique?

Group members will ask questions about the event, article and steps for writing critique as each student shares his/her article of choice. They will be able to reference the articles and critique in google classroom as they share.


I will ask students what a critique outline is. Il will demonstrate an example of a critique outline with bullet points to the entire class on google classroom. I will answer any questions.

Student Instructions

Students will open their critique outline template on google classroom and complete it. Students will have access to view each other’s outlines.  Once each student completes his/her outline, there will be a group activity in which students will give each other feedback on outlines. Students will take notes for improvement, which they will later use on their essays.


I will give group feedback on presentations and group evaluations. I will also grade each student's critique essay.

Student Instructions

Students will complete their essays and deliver a 5 minute presentation to their group.  They will discuss the format & steps they took to write critique essay. Students will assess each other by filling out a presentation evaluation rubric for each presenter. Students will also have access the all classmates’ critique essays on Google Classroom. Each student will be required to read and comment on 3 critique essays.  Comments will include questions and feedback.