Lesson Plan

Write an equation from a given point and slope

Use the slope-intercept form to write an equation that satisfies the given conditions

Lesson Objectives/Instructional Outcomes: (Framework Domain 1c: Setting Instructional Goals)

Students will be able to write an equation given a point and a slope of a line.

Students will be able to understand the concept behind all of these, in other words, why this works.

Grades 9
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1 Warm-up questions


Design the polls before the lesson and test run them to make sure it works. Give clear instruction to students of how it works. Provide alternate way for students to engage if they don't have electric devices.




2 Goal of this lesson

Relationship to Unit Structure: (Framework Domain 1e: Designing Coherent Instruction)

Teacher introduces the goal of today using presentation tool-keynote.

3 Review of the slope-intercept form

Concept Prerequisites:

Write and review the slope-intercept form with students. Provide a few examples if needed. 

4 Examples of writing the equations

Teacher goes into details of writing the equations-break down the procedure and do the computations with students. 

5 Students' own practice time

Instructional Activities/Assessment (Formative and Summative): (Framework Domain 1f: Assessing Student Learning)  

While students solve the problems on Socrative and teacher gets instant feedback, teacher can address the misconception he or she sees in students' work. Go through the problem with students on SmartBoard if most of them are having trouble solving it. Students can also go on Desmos to check what their graph looks like to see if they write the equations right. 

6 Anyone has questions?

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Differentiation According to Student Needs: (Framework Domain 1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students)/Wrap Up-Synthesis/Closure:

During the process of working out the problems, students can write to the teacher about the things they don't understand. This provides differential strategy for students who are struggling.