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Would I Make you Proud?

When you post, are they proud?
Cathy F.
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Old Settlers Elementary School
Flower Mound, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to analyze and identify sample positive social media posts and then create their own post to be shared in a mock online forum.



English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 2 – 5
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1 Would I Make you Proud?

Share photos of a person they want to make proud. (digital or printed)  Tell relationship story, etc.

Share Twitter Account online for students to see.  Show analytics of people that get to view.

Make connections to a billboard on a highway or Super Bowl commercial.

Read Nerdy Bird Tweets  by Aaron Reynolds & discuss

What is appropriate to post and not? Discuss what is not appropriate:

NOT Appropriate:

making fun of someone

photos without permission

photos with false statements

someone else's work, but taking credit

fake news

bad language

IS appropriate:

Kind, helpful words

Inspiring photos, works, videos posted with permission or created on your own.

Your creations that show what you have learned or inspire the world.

Start digital creation by introducing the person you want to make proud, adding their picture and describing the relationship.

Then, create a message on something you learned from our lesson. Use any of the digital tools provided.  Products should include 2 photos that are cited and from Creative Common Resources, one slide with your message, saying or sentence and one slide explaining why you chose that saying.  The last slide is a reflection either typed or video.  Students must answer the following:

Once Sentence Summary

21st Century Skill (s) used during lesson and creation and an explanation of why they know they used that skill.

During the learning I felt.......because......

Next time I do a product like this I want to _______  because______.

Final slide should be an credits given to photo graphs or people in the presentation.


Share publicly & in class with peers.






Student Instructions

I will understand the importance of positive digital citizenship by understanding how many people see my posts and that they are there forever. 

1.  Students brings a digital or photograph of a person they want to make proud.

2.  Student participates in class discussion about visibility on social media,TOS for social media and that it compares to a billboard or Super Bowl Commercial.

3.  Students create a digital product by selecting one of the 3 digital tools listed.  All tools are approved for students under 13.

4.  Peer Edit and Revise

5.  When finished create a QR to share publicly, upload to Flip Grid or Tweet using Class Twitter Account.  Then, share with at least 3 members of your class.