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hungry , thirsty, homeless, sick, sinner, pray, dead,offenses, pattient, ignorant
Other para-professional educator
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Students will be able to understand how they can help children, classmates and some other people always.


Health & Wellness
Grades 3
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1 Warm up

Teacher will ask questions to students after watching the video "Works of Mercy".

Teacher will listen their comments.


Student Instructions

Students will watch the video, and reflect about the teacher questions.



2 Direct Instructions

Activity: Presenting

Teacher show flashcards with Works of Mercy.

Student Instructions

 Students will name each Work of Mercy, by showing on the poster . (Works of Mercy)

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will show the students flashcards.

Student Instructions

Students will write and draw each Work of Mercy,

4 Independent practice

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will share some examples about people that live and have nice experience on helping people by following the Works of Mercy.

Student Instructions

Students will share with a partner, their comments and their ideas. 

5 Wrap up

Activity: Investigating

Teacher will talk about some places that, they can visit, with them and their parents.

Student Instructions

Students will talk with their parents about Works of Mercy,

Students will invite their parents to investigate safe places that they can visit by teams.