Lesson Plan

Working as a group on a Google Doc laboratory report

Explain the use of the provided template. Requirements for each section will be specified. Online group work will be emphasized.
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Students will be able to...

Include all sections of the guideline on their laboratory document.

Work as a group to complete a laboratory report.

Edit each other's work and collaborate on calculations, questions, and conclusion.

Contribute enough to the document to get credit for the laboratory report.

Grades 9 – 10
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1 Ways to be a good digital citizen

Teach the following ways to be good digital citizens:

Privacy and Safety

Relationships and Communication


Creative Credit and Copyright- include explanation of plagiarism

Student Instructions

Privacy and Safety:  create the document on a Google Doc on garnetvalley.org.  Share with partners and teacher.

Relationships and Communication:  divide up the responsibilities fairly so that all are responsible for an analytical part.  Allow time for each to complete one's section.  Ideally, all partners will be on the document together at some point to collaborate.  Collaborate- discuss answers during the writing process or after the section is written. Was easier when we still had the dialogue box that is part of Google Docs but GV blocked it.  You will have to text or use comment boxes and then remove them.

Cyberbullying:  there is a civil way to edit each other's work.  Give suggestions and allow your partner to make his own changes.  Word you suggestions in a way that will not be offensive but will be helpful.  Only rewrite a section if partner is not responding.

Creative Credit and Copyright:  each member must sign-off on the completed report.  This signature states that each has read, edited, and agrees to what is being submitted.  There are plagiarism warnings on each guideline.