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#withmathIcan Multiplication of Fractions intro

An introduction to the process of multiplying fractions
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Students will be able to model to find the fractional part of a group and model the product of a fraction and a whole number.  

Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

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Teacher will introduce concept of multiplying fractions. Teacher should try to establish a connection to multiplication of decimals to help understand what will have the students understand that answers will be smaller than the factors they were using and that this is correct. Teachers can than preview the concept at 


​Teacher can go through quick examples to have visual model of concept.


Student Instructions

Students can participate as teacher demonstrates given examples.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Creating

Modeling: Present as an introduction Fraction folds. Teacher will demonstrate the question of 1/3 x 1/2. Teacher will fold a piece of paper into 3 equal sections. Color in on section to represent 1/3. Have students follow along to create their own example. Then teacher will fold the paper again, this time in the opposite direction to represent 1/2. Using a different color, the teacher will color in one half of the page. Students Teacher will discuss how the overlap of color represents the answer to the problem presented. Teacher should ask students questions to show that they are aware that as we multiply fractions, the result will actually be a smaller product than either of the factors used.

Student Instructions

Students will be given and example problem 1/4 x 2/3. Teacher will ask that students follow same procedures from previous problem to create another example. Students can then be asked to show a connection between multiplication of fraction and multiplication of decimals. (connection should reflect that the product is a smaller number than where students began)

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will play Khan academy video located at:


As a continuation of introductory activity, students can view and practice various sample items that will reinforce the concept of multiplying fractions.

When students have completed practice questions, they can move onto their independent assignment.

Students who are still having difficulty with the concept can be brought together in a small group setting with the teacher to review the concept again.

Student Instructions

Students will be given a chance to practice selected problems once video lesson is completed. Students can work in a paired setting, or individually to complete the problems. Students can show teacher their work as they complete each item. Sample problems can be found at: 




4 Independent practice

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Teacher will assign students the strand: Multiplication with Visual Models: Two Fractions, for ten questions. 

Student Instructions

Students will complete the given assignment Multiplication with Visual Models: Two Fractions on their computer or tablet. When students have completed assignment they should check with their teacher to review their score. 

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Creating

Teacher will give instructions for students to create 3 fraction multiplication questions to share with their shoulder partner. Students should exchange problems to complete. When complete, give responses back to their creator to check answers. 

Student Instructions

Students will create 3 fraction multiplication question to be completed by their shoulder partner. When each has completed the questions, return them to be checked over. If a student missed any of the questions, the student who created the problems can review the steps with their partner to make corrections.