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#WithMathICan Design and Build a Bot

Help students learn about computer science and programming by designing a "bot" using Cublets
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Students will be able to create and build their own "bot" using cubelets (http://www.modrobotics.com/cubelets/). They will design their "bot" using an app such as Showme or Educreations,  to draw out their idea. Their "bot" will have to be balanced and able to move through a maze using a specified amount of cubes only. Growth mindset is encouraged through working together as a group to construct a "bot" that meets all the requirements given and if the "bot" does not work properly, they will have to redesign their sketch and build it again. This will help students to gain an understanding of what can work vs. what did not work and learn how programmers/ engineers need to constantly redesign their work.

Grades 4 – 8
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1 Introduction to Robotics- Building with Cubelets

1) Teacher will introduce students to Cublets. Explaining the features of each cube and demonstrating with they can do.

2) Teacher will divide students into small groups and explain that they will be creating a "bot". They will be given an interactive whiteboard app (previously learned), to design/ sketch a "bot" and they need to figure out how this "bot" will move.

3) The teacher will explain the different cubes needed and their purpose. At least 1 power cube, 2 wheels, and a sensory cube will be needed to drive their "bot." They will be given 6 cubes in total to work with.

4) Teacher will tell students, before presenting their bot, they will have to include measurements (height and length)before presenting.

5) Teacher will put tape on the floor to create a maze for the "bot"

Student Instructions

1. Using our tablets, in your groups, you will design/ draw a "bot" using 5 Cubelets that can balance and move properly through a maze. The bot will be timed to see which design is able to get through the maze properly.

2. Students will need to use an app to plan out their "bot" and present the drawing before driving their "bot"  through the given maze.

3. Each group will be given an opportunity to practice and try moving their bot through the maze before the final presentation.

4. Students will need to think about:

What cubes worked best to create an efficient "bot"?

Was it easier to design or build?

How many times did you have to redesign your "bot"?

And did anyone have the same or similar design?