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William Penn & The Colony of Pennsylvania

Students will learn about how William Penn established the colony of PA.
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Students will be able to identify the important people, places, events, and vocabulary associated with William Penn's establishment of the Pennsylvania Colony.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook/Attention Getter (Connection)

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will remind students that they have been studying early PA, learning about the Native Americans that settled here, the first European explorers, and early settlers.  Teacher will tell students that they will now be learning about how a colony was officially established in PA.

Student Instructions

"Students, you've been learning about the past in our state, Pennsylvania.  You learned about Native Americans, explorers, and settlers who lived in and investigated the land that is now the state of Pennsylvania.  Today I want to teach you about the colony of Pennsylvania including the important people, places, events, and words associated with the establishment, the setting up, of the Pennsylvania colony."

2 Direct Instruction (Teaching)

Activity: Other — Modeling

Teacher will divide board into four parts and label each part using: people, places, events, vocabulary.  Then teacher will tell students that they will work in groups of four and each group member will be focused on one of those labels as they watch a video about William Penn.  Teacher will add one word to each label as students will be expected to do while watching the video.

Student Instructions

"You'll be watching a video today as we start to learn about how a man from England named William Penn established the colony of Pennsylvania.  You'll work in groups of 4 and each of you will make notes on one lens as you watch the video.  We'll use these lenses: people, places, events, and vocabulary.  Watch me as I try this.  So if I was focused on people I would write down the names of people I hear while watching and I might make a note of their job, or what they did.  I'll add William Penn in my notes right here.  Ok, so if I was the group member focused on places then I would be listening for all of the important locations in this story.  I'll add Pennsylvania right now.  If I was making notes on events, I might write "set up colony."  For vocabulary, I might write that word colony.  It seems important.  So you can see I'm making notes according to the labels, right?  So you'll make notes as you watch, just for your lens.  Then you'll be prepared to share with your group as you finish.

3 Active Engagement

Have students watch video & monitor for note making while watching.  As important people, places, events, vocabulary are mentioned you might repeat and clue students into jotting them down.  

During second viewing, check each group's note pages.  If any group is missing critical people, places, events, vocabulary, then intervene appropriately.

Student Instructions

"Watch the video and make notes according to your lens.  Be ready to share with your group.  We'll watch the video twice."

After viewing #1:

"Now share your notes with your group members.  Then we'll watch a second time.  Listen for some of the important people, places, events, and vocabulary that your group members noted.  As you watch a second time, see if there's any other notes that need to be added in any lens."

4 Link

Activity: Reading

Students read Chapter 5, Lesson 1 from their PA textbooks.  Students can read alone, in small groups, or you could read together as a class.  Students and teachers can identify facts that they come across in the reading that correspond with the information from the video.

Student Instructions

"Now we'll read about the founding of the colony.  Think about how what you learned in the video is also included in the story here."

5 Wrap Up/Reflection

Activity: Creating

Students have learned the story of William Penn setting up the colony of PA.  They will create a visual to show what they have learned using emojis.

Student Instructions

"Think about what you learned about the colony of PA today.  Now you know the important people, places, events, and vocabulary.  Work with your group members and use emojis to tell the story of how William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania."