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Wide World of Science According to Seymour Simon

Students will study Seymour Simon books to learn how to write non-fiction books on a science topic.
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Students will be able to study the writer's craft of Seymour Simon to learn how to write a better non-fiction book of their own.

Students will interact with Seymour Simon through a Skype session to develope good strategies to write thier own book.

Students will creat their own non-fiction book using all the techniques learned through Seymour Simon's website and books.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 5
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1 Get Acquainted with Seymour Simon

Before you start this project you will want to go onto Seymour Simon's website to arrange the Skype session with the author.

This step serves as an introduction to Seymour Simon's books.  On his website is an extensive list of his books.  You will want to collect as many as possible from your local library as well as download his eBooks from his website.  As the students read through his books you can start a craft chart on things they notice Seymour Simon does in his books.

Student Instructions

Pick a Seymour Simon Book.  What do you notice about Seyour Simon's writing that is different from other non-fiction authors?

2 Interact with Seymour Simon

As the student continue to read and study Seymour Simon's  book you should get them ready to Skype with the author.  Reviewing the Frequently Asked Question Page will help your student ask better questions related to writing.  Your mini lesson for this part will help guide them to what questions to ask the author.

Student Instructions
  1. Go to Seymour Simon's Frequently Asked Question Page
  2. After reading through the questions on this page come up with different questions that will help you become a better writer.

3 Write like Seymour Simon

This session will be the culminating activity to your study on Seymour Simon.  It will take multiple sessions to complete.

After meeting with Seymour Simon your students should be inspired to go try their own hand at writing a book like Seymour Simon.

You will need more resources for the student to do research because you don't want them to copy from Seymour Simon's books.  

As student begin to finish their books, you will want to decide how to publish their stories.  There are many different options.  I really liked how my student's books turned out with Studentreasures online.  It would be awesome if possibly you could share their books with Seymour Simon.

Student Instructions
  1. Pick an animal to research.
  2. Use books , World Book, National Geographic and Seymour Simon's website to help with your research.
  3. Once you have gathered enough information on your animal use all the strategies you learned on your Skype session with Seymour Simon to start writing your book.  Refer back to the class charts to use techniques just like Seymour does.