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Why We Need Plants

Living things depend on plants for sustenance and humans have many uses for them.
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Students will be able to...

List uses that people have for plants.

Name reasons why animals need plants.

Use a variety of technological resources to gain and apply knowlege of why we need plants.

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1 Hook

Ask students to give examples of plants that we need.

When a student responds with the answer "trees,"  the teacher will say that trees are very important.  Ask students to explain reasons why.  

Say that there is an excellent video that you will show them titled, "Go Plant a Tree."  

2 Direct Instruction

After the video, ask students to name reasons why they think trees and other plants are important to humans and other living things.

Show students the Educreations lesson titled, "We Need Plants."  

3 Guided Practice


Demonstrate to the students how to use either of these apps to brainstorm various uses for plants. There are great tutorials on YouTube.com that you can show on your Smartboard using your laptop.

Put students into small groups of mixed abilities and have them work together.

After students have created their assignments, Popplets can be viewed in photos after they are saved in JPEG.  iBrainstorms can be viewed in Photos once they are saved in Photos. 

Student Instructions

If you are using the Popplet Lite app, the main popplet will be "Uses for Plants."  Add atleast 4 popplets to the main popplet.  Each of those popplets should have one use for a plant typed into the box and either a photo that you have taken of something in the classroom made from a plant or a drawing that you've made that matches the text that you've written. Save it as a JPEG.

If you are using the iBrainstorm app, you will handwrite the words "Uses for Plants."  Add at least 4 sticky notes. Each sticky note will have one use for plants written on it. Save it to Photos.

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Have the students work independently on iPads on the student-paced quiz, "Plants are Important."  

Students who do poorly on the test will need to be retaught.

Student Instructions

Open the Socrative app on the iPad and join the room that you are given.  Enter your first name and proceed taking the quiz.

5 Wrap-Up

Play the non-fiction read along titled "Plants."

Student Instructions

Read and sing along to this rock'n'roll song about plants.