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Why are people who work in a community important?

An interactive lesson on community workers
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Students will be able to identify the important jobs in a community and the community workers who perform these jobs.  Students will understand what would happen if a community did not have these workers. 


CCLS: 3.W.8 Recall information from experiences or gather information from print and digital sources; take brief notes on sources and sort evidence into provided categories.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
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1 The Hook & Instruction

Activity: Investigating

Teaching Point: Why are people who work in a community important?

Through an interactive flipchart, introduce students to the vocabulary of the lesson: neighborhood, population, job, worker.  Have students preview pictures of the community workers and the tasks they perform.

2 Whole Group Resource: BrainpopJr Interactive - Community Workers

Hook the attention of the students by showing an interactive Brainpop Jr video, Community Workers.  Assist students with completing the various activities on the Brain Pop Jr website.

3 Guided Discussion

Activity: Conversing

Guide students through a class discussion about community workers.  Ask questions such as: "What are some of the important jobs in our community?  (Depth of Knowledge 1). 

Chart responses on the flipchart on the interactive white board.

Next, provide an opportunity for students to "Turn & Talk."  Ask "What do you think would happen if we didn't have these workers in our community? (Depth of knowledge 3)  Provide ample time for students to listen to each other's responses and discuss their opinion.  Then guide students through a class share, recording responses on the interactive flipchart.

4 Interactive Learning Activities

The activity is student choice.  Students should have about 20 minutes to work on the individual project.  Students should already be familiar with the programs Kidpix and Kidspiration.  If they are not, take a few minutes to demonstrate the most common tools within each program.  Post the choices and the directions on the interactive white board for the students to refer back to. 

Kidspiration: Complete thecommunity services activity by dragging pictures and writing words in the appropriate boxes. 

Kidpix: Draw a picture of community workers you know.  Write a sentence or label your picture.



5 Share Session

Activity: Conversing

Your share provides an opportunity for students to discuss the community workers they drew and sorted in their activities.  Document their choices on the interactive white board.