Lesson Plan

"Who do you say I am?" Identity Beyond the Scope

Students will discuss what identity is in preparation for A Raisin in the Sun Prezi project.
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Students will be able to define what identity means. 

Students will recognize their own identity and be able to formulate it in writing in Google Docs. 

Students will use peer review to collaboratively work with peers to edit self-identity paper in Google Docs. 

Students will be able to present to the class their Identity Wordle and Essay through speaking presentation.

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook: Who Do They Say I Am?

Activity: Presenting

Engage students by asking the following question:

  • Ask the students, "Who do they say I am?"
    • Jot these comments down
    • Ask 3 students to volunteer to ask the same questions of their peers
    • Jot down responses
  • Define identity with examples for students 
Student Instructions

Students will respond to question teacher asks out loud once called upon

  • Students will take notes on what identity is and the examples provided by teacher

2 Direct Instruction: Google Doc Tutorial

Using Chromebooks (1:1), share with students how to access Google Docs in order to type their papers and share with their classmates for future peer review.

  • Students will need to access their Google accounts on their Chromebook
  • Use the projector to display the video for students to watch 

​Teacher will assign students into random groups of 4 for them to complete peer reviews

  • Teacher will be available for students who struggle to access Google Docs after watching video tutorial
Student Instructions

Students will watch video on how to access and operate Google Docs on Chromebooks

  • Students will take notes on Chromebooks and access Google Docs
  • Students will request additional help if struggle to access Google Docs and invite groups to peer review 

3 Guided Practice: How to write Identity Essay

Assign students to groups of 4 randomly, and have them ask each other “Who do they say I am?” 

  • On the overhead, provided a guided example of how students will format their essay:

    • Introduction: Who does they say that I am-1 sentence example

    • Body: Is this true or false? Explain-1 sentence example

    • Body: Who do you think you are?- 1 sentence example

    • Conclusion: Why does your identity matter to you? How do you feel about the responses you received? Will you change anything about yourself after hearing who others say you are?- 1 sentence example

Student Instructions

Students will jot down the true and false responses you receive from your peers in Chromebook Google Doc

  • Begin to brainstorm how you will answer the questions for your essay

4 Independent Practice: Students will complete rough and final drafts of essays and Wordle

Teacher will walk around and supervise independent work and assist students who need additional help

Student Instructions

Students will work independently to complete the rough draft of their essay in Google Docs

  • Once completed share your doc with the peers in your assigned group for review
  • Review all 3 of your peers essays and provide comments on grammatical and punctuation errors and ways to improve paper
  • Once peer reviews are finished students will review peers’ comments and complete final draft.
  • Once draft is completed students will access Wordle and create an identity Wordle.
    • Using words/comments provided by your peers from “Who do they say I am?” exercise.  

5 Wrap Up: Reflection of work discussed and displayed through presentation

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will present Wordle to class they created. 

  • Model how you want students to present paper and Wordle​

Teacher will sum up identity by discussing with students how identity will be important for them to recognize in the coming weeks as they explore the many identities of characters in A Raisin in the Sun.

Student Instructions

Student will present essay and Wordle to the class.