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Which Side Are You On? Crown or Colony?

This lesson is about events leading up to and during the American Revolution.
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Students will be able to create a research based project describing events leading up to the American Revolution and which side they choose to be on during the Revolutionary War. 

Students will research the following:

     Causes that led to British Citizens leaving Britain to settle the new land.

     Struggles the new colonists face with trying to settle the new land.

     Internal and External struggles the American Colonists have with Britain.

     Events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

     Facts that support which side the students choose to be on during the Revolutionary War.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook

To grab the students' attention I will show the Brain Pop video, "Causes of the American Revolution."  There are also other videos in "Brain Pop" that will be excellent hooks for this activity. The videos on this site provide exciting snap shots of life during the American Revolution.

2 Direct Instruction

Lead students through this interactive textbook that provides students with different perspectives of U.S. History.  This app with help students decide which side of the Revolutionary War they will choose to be on.  This is a "direct instruction" activity to ensure students understand the struggles and pathways the colonists had during this time period. I will encourage students to keep notes in their Social Studies notebook throughtout all steps of this lesson to ensure they have correct and chronological information.

3 Guided Practice

Use this website to guide students through timelines of Colonial America and the American Revolution. Students will use this site to gather some of the information needed for their research projects. They will again use their Social Studies notebook to organize information.  I will check the information in student notebooks to ensure students are staying on track and gathering appropriate information. I will encourage students to choose research information based on the side they have chosen to support, Britain or the American Colonies.

4 Independent Practice

Student will use this website to decide which type of research project they would like to choose to present to the class.  Students will use the search area to type in keywords such as Colonial America,  American Revolution and Revolutionary War to view various research based projects they may choose from.  Students will want to select a project that best hightlights the approach they want to take to present their information to peers/teacher.  After selecting a project students will begin completing the assignment.  Students will have one week to get their projects together for presentation. A rubric will be provided to guide the students during the presentation.  Students will be assessed on their presentations based on criteria found in the rubric.

5 Wrap-Up

After all students have presented their research projects we will play this game as a wrap-up activity.  This game is available for students to view at home also.  It requires a log in and parent permission.  This game is something students can share at home to show families a first-person journey of daily life for a colonist during pre-Revolutionary War America. Information students have gathered throughout this lesson will help them play the game.