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What's your dream room?

They will be creating a room and making a story about it .
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Students will be able to..
Describe the environment of their rooms in a concise manner
Compose a well-written and detailed advertisement for their room to persuade people to want to use it.
Utilize technology such as Pinterest to get their message across.

English Language Arts
Grades 8
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Other — Jotting Down Ideas

Students will be asked to pick an audience they would like to target, people that most likely would enjoy their room. An example is if you did a spa maybe target bridal parties or moms or teachers or women 20-40. Then have students write down 4 reasons why that audience should come use your room specifically. This can be written on plain paper.
You will be using these ideas to write a 2 paragraph advertisement.

2 Instructional activities

Teacher should play some kind of advertisement. I chose this one for if my room was a resort hotel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji3cZ5FNdUE this is an ad for the resort itself and it shows the rooms. So this video is the type of persuasion that you are trying to get across I should be able to see that a person interested on the type of location or lifestyle your room would fit in.
Take an iPad off the cart. If you need to get a Pinterest account and google account. You will be looking for pictures on Pinterest that accurately show what your room would look like in real life. The pictures can be of the color scheme, the furniture type, the location it would ideally be in, or other things that could be important to your room. The after you find about 4 pictures you will write a blog about your room advertising for people of your selected target audience to respond. You will write this blog on Blogger app on google drive. You will then send me the link to my email.

3 Wrap Up and Closure

Activity: Assessing

After you have sent me the link to your Blogger you will complete a self- evaluation of you shoe box model and then turn them in on the back counter.