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Whats the Main Idea?

Identifying the Main Idea
Kasia S.
Classroom teacher
Pamoja @ Cole Elementary
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My Grades 2
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to... Identify the Main Idea in a non fiction text.

English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 The Hook

Activity: Creating — Students will create a title for a picture.
  • I plan to engage students into the activitiy by presenting them with an assortment of pictures. These pictures will be pasted to chart paper and all say whats happening.  Some examples of easy to use pictures include a wedding, a holidy celebration, a basketball game etc. Students will have to create a title for the picture using no more than one sentence that explains what is going on.
  • Students will come back together and discuss their answers using a powerpoint availale for whole group.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting — Powerpoint

  I will present information to students through a powerpoint I will create about Main Idea and Supporting details. As a class Students will practice identifying the main idea in an article and its supporting details via the smart board. 

3 Guided Practice

Reading A-Z
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Students will be able to come up and write the main idea and underline at least 3 supporting details using the interactive pen.

4 Independent Practice

I will locate articles on Time for Kids,  Read Works,  and Read Write Think that are grade level appropriate. I will provide students with a graphic organizer and and 1 article. Students will identify the main idea and at least 3 supporting details and transfer the information back to the graphic organizer.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Creating — Main Idea Kite, Main Idea Pizza, Main Idea Cloud

Students can continue to identify main idea in guided reading groups. Students can create a variety of main idea activities such as a kite, pizza, and cloud. Students will identify the main idea and supporting details and then transfer the information to their activty to present to the class.