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What's My Digital Footprint?

Know who you are and where you go in the digital world
Jaime H.
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Students will be able to...identify what apps they use on a regular basis and whether those apps are being used appropriate for their safety and the safety of others.

English Language Arts
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Grades 7 – 9
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1 What's That App? - The Hook

Teacher will create a Kahoot! with various app images that students might use. (The one posted is an example I made and can be used freely.)  During class, teacher will post the Kahoot! to the SmartBoard for the whole class to see. Teacher will have a choice of prizes available for the winner.

Student Instructions

Students will join the Kahoot! code the teacher posts on whatever device they have available (smartphone, tablet, computer).  Students will then play through the Kahoot! The winner(s) will get a choice of prizes offered by the teacher.

2 What's in an App? - The DI

Teacher will post the discussion "Digital Footprint" discussion questions on chart paper and play the "Digital Footprint" video on the SmartBoard.  Teacher will then present the "10 Things Your Students Should Know About Their Digital Footprints" and why it's important to maintain good digital citizenship at all times.

Student Instructions

Students will participate in the discussion and take notes that they will use later in their research presentation. Students have the option of taking their own paper notes or using Google Docs.

3 What's Your App? - The GP

Teacher will assist students as they work in pairs to brainstorm, create, administer and analyze a survey on digital footprints. Teacher will help students formulate questions as needed and provide technical assistance if necessary. Teacher will also help interpret and graph their results.

Student Instructions

Students will work in pairs to brainstorm ideas about different apps that students might be using and why in Google Drawings. They will then create a survey of 5 questions using Google Forms about the apps. Examples of questions may be: Which of the following apps do you have an account with, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr? or How many hours each day do you think you spend on social media apps? Students will then post their survey to Google Classroom for their classmates to take. (This step is only for schools that use GAFE. If you are not a GAFE school, you can still use Google Forms and students can either email their surveys to each other or they can walk around the room with it already loaded on a device.) Students will then create graphs in Google Sheets and interpret their results. They will then present their findings to the class.

4 My Digital Footprint - The IP

Teacher will provide assistance to students as they work independently to create their own representation of their digital footprint. Teachers should remind students that images they do not create need to be sited to give the originator credit for their work.

Student Instructions

Students will use either a teacher created template for Google Drawings or their own design to make a visual representation of their digital footprint. The representation can be done in words or images, but should look like a footprint. Students will then create a Google Slides presentation to answer the following questions:

1) What are your top 3 go to  apps and why are they importation? (Ex: I use Twitter to follow all my favorite celebs, Snapchat to post all my selfies and Pokemon Go because I have to catch 'em all.)

2) How do you ensure that your privacy is protected online? (Ex: I make sure the settings for all my apps are set to the highest privacy and security settings so that only my friends know what I'm doing. I also make sure I don't post any private or personal information like addresses and where I go to school.)

3) What would you do if your friend or another classmate was demonstrating poor digital choices? (Ex: If my friend was doing something online that was dangerous, like posting twerking videos, I would let them know they shouldn't be doing that and ask them to remove it. If they did not listen, I would tell my parents or a teacher.)

5 That's a Wrap

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will asks students to write down what being a good digital citizen means to them or why it is important to maintain a positive digital footprint on sticky notes. Teacher will then take non-duplicated answers and post them on chart paper as reminders for students. Teacher will also post students digital 

Student Instructions

Students will present their slides to the class. Students will also answer one of the following questions on post-it notes to be posted on chart paper:

1) What does it mean to be a good digital citizen? (Ex: A good digital citizen protects their privacy and the privacy of others. They do not post things that are dishonest or harmful to others.)

2) Why is it important to maintain a positive digital footprint? (Ex: It is important to maintain a positive digital footprint because colleges and employers are looking more and more at what a persons social media profile is.)